Saturday, May 9, 2009

Night Out!

My girlfriends and I got together last night in celebration of my 2nd 30th...I say that because last year on my 30th, I had a 2 week old and was recovering from a c-section! Who knows, maybe I will continue, as my friend Jill says, to celebrate my "annual 30th" going forward!
We had a great time. When we all get together we are a little crazy, and last night was no exception! However; I cannot hang like I used to...Don't get me wrong, I can dance "for inspiration" with the best of them, but when I'm done, I'm done! So my sister and I cut out around midnight and chowed down on some Wendy's just like the good old days! It was also great to see my good friend Jillian (jules as I call her) and reminisce about our pre-baby days! My how kids change you! (even healthy ones!) Thanks to all of you for making my 2nd 30th memorable! (oh and by the way, I now have some awesome video I am hanging on to for blackmail)
On a Kendall note, her seizures have been really awful. Her Vigabatrin came in a few days ago, so she has been on it for two days now. We are no where near her max dose yet, so we will be patient.
Kendall's PT also just started her Kinesio Taping. We have two strips down her back that will stay on for 4 days. We hope it will help her remember what it feels like to hold her back in proper form..... I'm sure I didn't explain that properly, but you can Google it if you're really interested in what it does!
Have a great day!


TwinsRock08 said...

What a great night! You can't hang, I had to leave before yall. I enjoyed seeing everyone. Happy Birthday to another 30.
Also I really like the pic on the side in the pink jammies sitting in her chair. So cute.

Jill Calvert said...

Had so much fun with all the girls...And look at you getting out two nights in a row...LOL
Happy Mothers day!!!!

Helwig Happenings said...

Happy Second 30th Jocie! I am so glad you were able to get out and let loose- midnight is better than I have done in a while!! Always praying for your sweet family... Leslie :)