Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Kendall,

Food is not a bad thing. Food helps you to grow and be strong. You must have food to live.

Mommy and Daddy are not trying to poison you. We are trying to keep you healthy, maintain Ketosis, and keep your body functioning.

I realize you are coming up on the Terrible Two's and at this age your brother wouldn't eat or drink either, but you are a little different. You must eat. You must drink. Fighting Mommy every feeding is unacceptable. Stiffening your entire body and arching your back is not nice. It makes her want to pull her hair out. It makes her lose sleep with worry for you. Kendall, please, please, please, eat!

I've ordered you new flavorings from Bickman. Maybe strawberry KetoCal will help. This week, I promise you will have more of a variety of solid foods after I spend the entire day pureeing meats and vegetables. Yes, they will be drenched in Ranch dressing or butter, but that's better than seizures...right?

With you having super high Ketones and Diabetes, it is even more important for you to eat and drink. So, Kendall, please, lets leave this phase of no eating behind. Starting TODAY.



TMI Tara said...

Oye, good luck with this one. I wish I had some wise advice, but all I can say is good luck to you, and ditto of what you said to Kendall.

Kristina said...

Hi - came to take a look at the new Kidz Krew member. I had a post on feeding a while back - seems like lots of us are ready to pull our hair out with feeding! It doesn't make it easier to know in the moment that there are others out there with the same issue, but when I log on and see other posts it feels like maybe we aren't so different after all!

Good luck!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Sorry love no words of advice on the feding issues. But I do know all about pulling the hair out from frustration. I am surprised I have any left at all. All I cna say fingers, toes and everything else we can cross in hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Creepy said...

oh my. reading stuff like this makes me thankful for the g-tube. good luck!