Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pluggin Along

The past few days have continued to be "trying" to say the least.

Kendall fights us eating, and is going through this phase where she wants to be held AND bounced all the time. There have been a few days where I've been at my wits end with this...

Thankfully, Justin is such an amazing dad. He comes home from work at completely takes over. I don't know what I'd do if he didn't. It is physically exhausting holding her and bouncing her and singing and walking miles outside with her in her chair. I feel like all I do is feed her, move her, sing, and repeat. ALL DAY!!!

Yesterday I had to remind myself the progress she's made. She hasn't had a seizure in almost 2 weeks. And even before that, they were reduced by 98% on the Ketogenic diet. So if she needs a little (ok a lot) of extra attention as she comes into her own, she deserves to get it.

I've had little time to blog or do really anything these past few days. Therapy has been kicked into overdrive! And while it seems like we have more appointments, it has actually lifted weight off of my shoulders since I'm not the only one responsible for stretching, etc. SO I am very happy with the decision to make changes in our therapy schedule. In all kids the first 3 years are the most crucial with development, and in special kids...even more so.

We have some exciting new pieces of equipment coming soon. I will post on those one by one as they arrive and show pictures. I'm thrilled Kendall's Poppy is retired! He's the best handy man and is building Kendall a really cool ramp.

Oh, and make a long story short...we are accepting help only 3 days a week now. I prayed a lot about this decision but still have mixed emotions. I know I need a little help, but I have a hard time sharing Kendall! So this is definitely going to take some time.

Please keep Kendall in your prayers...more eating, less fussing...and prayers for mommy's patience too!

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Cjengo said...

We so UNDERSTAND!!!! Jude is doing the exact same thing. I so relate.