Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun Weekend

We had a fun weekend. Kendall, Kamden, Justin, and I went to Dave and Busters Friday evening then to get ice cream. Kam and Justin played enough video games to last a lifetime, and Kendall and I enjoyed watching. Thankfully Kendall likes loud noises, lights, and chaos so we were able to tag along.

Saturday we went to the Mansfield Pecan Festival. We had quite a walk to get there from where we parked and it was a little too hot for Kendall, but Kamden had fun.

I thought I needed to participate in something positive for our city...since I've been a thorn in the side of pretty much the entire School Board and City Council this past week. Thankfully, my persistence seems to have paid off. There was a nice article in the paper regarding the parking debacle in the front of my house due the poor planning and development of the school. I spoke at the School Board meeting early last week too...and I guess they listened. They are now encouraging parents to pick their kids up in the front of the school so walkers and bike riders can safely cross the street. (now whether or not the parents follow the request is another story.) They put no parking signs across the street and will be adding more to my side of the street as well. I can't tell you how happy I am that's over. It's been an uncomfortable situation because I know a lot of the people who park on our street... Hopefully they know I'm just looking out for my family...and I KNOW they would have done the same thing... If not, I don't really care!
Kendall has been eating better. We were right. She's over the bottle and KetoCal. We've been giving her fluid out of a sippy cup, and she's eating 3 250 calorie meals a a normal person! We will need to add some supplements since she's not getting everything she needs witht the KetoCal, but I'm relieved. She's been taking her cream and flavored water beverages like a champ. She still likes her egg-nog like ice cream, but isn't crazy about the fruit smoothies. Probably because they have KetoCal! So I feel encouraged with her eating. And I pray this continues.
Tomorrow night....My sister is taking Liz, Theresa, and I to the Cowboy's game! I'm super excited to see the new stadium and be there for the first Monday Night Football game!! Pictures will surely follow!


Holly said...

Yea! for eating. I'm so glad things are going well in that category.

It must of been the weekend for "we need to do something or we will go crazy." I'm glad ya'll got out and enjoyed it too.

I'm jealous of the Cowboys game! Have tons of fun! You deserve it :-)

Thursday morning run?

Cjengo said...

Oh you know we LOVE the Cowboys, I am jealous! Looks like a nice weekend.

Caroline said...

She's looking soo grown up! I love the picture from Friday!
Is ketocal part of the ketogenic diet?

jocalyn said...

ketocal is a 4:1 ratio formula... she could just be on the formula taking 100 grams a day and meet all her nutritional needs.

Caroline said...

Sounds good. Defintely an avenue i'm keen to investigate further along the road xxx