Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We went to the Endo. this morning for our follow up. The appointment was early early because our Dr. was leaving town for the day and didn't want us to be rushed! (again...LOVE this man!)

He asked about seizures and I was able to tell him they are still semi-controlled! Last week I only had to give her Klonnopin twice. (I know I've complained about those nasty things, but truthfully, I'll take two clusters a week compared to the all day every day clusters we had before the Ketogenic Diet!)

He reviewed our numbers again and made a few more adjustments. He thinks Kendall looks good and was interested in seeing if her alertness and/or development seemed improved since the blood sugars were evening out. Justin quickly piped in that yesterday she was sitting unassisted! And, yes, its true. I had her on her big girl bed and she was sitting on her own for at least 15 seconds. She was smiling and laughing away at herself. It wasn't a fluke, or me balancing her...she was sitting!

So when we got home this morning I worked with her some more. She was sitting really well and for long periods of time! Of course by the time I got my camera the battery was dead, then I couldn't find the other one, and I walked back into her room to this:

Sound asleep! Guess she was pooped. Isn't she getting super long though? They measured her HC today and it was at 43 cm...I used to obsess about that, but I don't care anymore. As long as she's not going to look like Beetlejuice, I'm OK with it. Her head circumference is in the normal range for a 6 month old! I'm over it. She weighs 21 pounds. She lost like 2 pounds during her hospital stay.

Our Dr. also asked if any of the Mitochondrial blood work came back. I hadn't heard anything yet, so today I called our Geneticist. Still waiting to hear back from her. Although, I'd be fine not knowing.

Thanks for checking in. Each day is getting better than the one before.


Cjengo said...

Awww she was tuckered out! How fabulous she was sitting up!!!

Holly said...

I'm so excited about the sitting!!! It will open a whole new world of vision strength and perspective for Kendall.

And what Twinkies the girls are...Caleigh's head is 43cm too! Look at it this way..they can share hats :-)

Ginger said...

What a milestone, and she is sooo long. Lucky girl to have such a big girl bed to lay on. She is totally adorable and she is so full of life. Enjoy!

TwinsRock08 said...

I witnessed her sitting on Monday!! She is so strong and big. Keep it up Kendall!!

Heather said...

Wonderful firsts mixed amongst the other "stuff" ...makes you cherish and appreciate those more then ever.Prayers continue from California.

K D said...

Yay! So excited for the milestone. The princess and her bed are adorable.

Kristine said...

Go Kendall go!! That's awesome news!

She is just adorable...I could eat her up! :)

My daughter is tiny too...20 pounds at 20 months. Yikes! She has a lot of eating issues (mostly aversions) and just doesn't get enough calories.

Caroline said...

Hello :0)
think we r living parralel lives; hope sat this week too (though balanced is probably a better description) and we're still waiting on the mitochondrial blood results, but like u, I'd rather not know!
Lol about beetlejuice! Omg, should hope's head really be more than 43 cm? Hers is 34.
Loadsa love