Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Rainy Weekend

We had a very lazy day today. I managed to take both a bath and a nap. Kamden babysat his sister in his room while I finished some laundry. The picture above is the two of them snuggling and watching TV in Kams room. Kamden has a way with her. She can be very fussy and as soon as Kamden says her name, she's all smiles.
She's been eating a little better, but it still requires a lot of patience to feed her. I think she's fattened up a little...don't you? I put her in her swing which we haven't used in forever cause I can't remember to get batteries, and she still loves it. She has also been doing really well in her Child Rite chair with the tray. Her head and trunk control is really improving!
We have a very busy week with OT Monday and Wednesday, and PT Tuesday and Thursday, and our Nutritionist will be here Tuesday...and I know there's more, but I dont have my calendar in front of me! Our nurse will be starting tomorrow. I'm extremely anxious about it. The past few weeks we've perfected our routine and the thought of adding someone else to the mix makes me nervous. I just hope whomever this person is, she will have the magic touch needed to feed Kendall and get her meds down her....and tolerate her constant need to be held and moved around. THAT is the hard part. The shots and Diabetes stuff is pretty easy to me now. The hard part is holding Kendall while I make and weigh her meals, etc. I just need to take a deep breath and see how it goes...right?! I think I've watched one too many Oprah specials on home health nurses gone bad! That is why trusting someone to be here with her alone will take a little bit of time I'm sure.


Cjengo said...

I hope it all goes well.

Karen Owens said...

Ya... ummm.. I'm glad I missed those Oprah episodes! Hope it goes well.