Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Littlest Heroes Project

I have this ridiculous obsession with photographs. I love looking at others' pictures and while I was pregnant with Kendall and couldn't sleep, I would surf the Internet at night and look at photography sites! I am always in awe of people who posses the talent (and patience) to capture great pictures...especially of children.

Anyway, before I knew about the journey we would face with Kendall, I looked at the website for The Littlest Heroes Project. So about a month or so ago, I applied...thinking it would take a while to set everything up. After viewing Megan Hamilton's Photography website, I knew she was a match. Her pictures are absolutely beautiful! (you have to check it out!) A few weeks ago I was notified that we were accepted and Megan would be doing our pictures. I totally thought we'd have to wait a long time....but she fit us right in!

I've really wanted a good family picture for a long time, but with our crazy lives, that seems next to impossible. Megan went above and beyond to make our photo shoot relaxed and comfortable. We had a great day as a family and felt "normal" for a while! Kendall was a bit fussy, so I was amazed at the pictures Megan was able to capture. If you have a chance, check out our pictures here!

Yesterday we ordered a pediatric wheelchair and bath chair. I knew the time was coming...and while we are really in need of these things, it was bittersweet. Kendall has a Neurology appointment on Monday (ugh...) so Justin and I will know our next plan very soon. My mom has an appointment with her Oncologist on Wednesday too... so MANY, MANY prayers needed for our family this week.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Jessica said...

Oh my gosh!! Those are SO GREAT!!! I loved them all.I couldn't pick a favorite, however, the one with her in the tutu with her eyes closed and her little fist up to her mouth.....made my heart happy!

TwinsRock08 said...

Jocie, all the pictures are wonderful. I like the one in the tutu also. Thank you for sharing.

Corey Hudson said...
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Our Journey said...

Hi, I was looking at Megan Hamilton's site and found your link.. She did our pictures through Littlest Heroes back in December.

You have a beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing your story

Cindy said...

Those are beautiful photos!