Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Weekend

Sometimes, OK...a lot of the time, I think these numbers are reversed!!! Doesn't he just look thrilled to have his picture taken? I'm sure he'll be even more thrilled that I put it on my blog!! Oh, Justin! You are one of a kind...a man without a crowd...a gun-toting Democrat, a man of few words, the BEST two stepper, with the biggest heart, a very loving dad and step-dad, and unquestionably the love of my life! Happy birthday to the kindest most patient man I know!

And here's my wonderful father-in-law who has the same qualities...minus the man of few words part...ha! I love you, but if you ever leave a spit cup around and I drink it again, you're so fired.

We had a wonderful weekend...up until this morning when Kendall developed a stuffy nose and a fever. Boo. But the weather was beautiful and I really enjoyed spending time with my family. Justin and I went out for his birthday on Saturday night with friends and had a great time. Sunday Nonny (had a good picture of her and Kendall but the light was we'll try again next time) and Poppy (pictured above) came over along with the rest of the fam to celebrate my big baby's birthday! We grilled steaks, and even though Kendall was feeling under the weather, she put on quite a show for everyone. She is such a sweetheart! Full of smiles and personality despite everything.
We have a busy week. Ophthalmologist appointment first thing tomorrow and speech after that. Then Tuesday is her swallow study followed by PT, and OT. Just another routine week of appointments and praying Kendall will eat so she can take her medicine twice a day. (B6, aspirin, Topamax, Keppra.) Please pray they don't find that she is aspirating on Tuesday. Enjoy your week and hug your babies!

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Jessica said...

Oh girl.....I feel your pain about the whole spit cup thing!! I, too, have drank Coy Briggs' spit (disquised as a coke)!!! That is a great pic of Uncle Coy and Kendall though. Praying for you guys and sending lots of love your way!