Monday, March 9, 2009

We Meet at Last!

"I'll show you my MRI...if you show me yours."
"So, how's that Topamax working out for you today?"
"What's your therapy schedule look like this week?"

Oh...I could go on and on!!!

Last night, Justin, Kamden, Kendall and I all went over to visit with Jennifer, Mike, Emily and Jude! Baby Jude also had a stroke in utero and suffers from nasty seizures as well. We discovered that we don't live far from each other, and we actually know some of the same people...small world! But we have been talking since early on in this journey. They are a beautiful family! Jennifer was so incredibly sweet to have us over for dinner. Justin and I have commented before how the "Special Needs" parents always seem to be such a close knit group! Now, we totally understand. It is hard to find people who truly understand what you are going through. We feel so blessed to have gotten to know them! We are definitely looking forward to watching these babies grow up and prove all the Dr.'s and statistics wrong! Jennifer made the joke that Jude and Kendall are going to be like "Benny and Joon" in that movie... that made me laugh. Kamden developed a crush on Emily within the first 5 minutes...unfortunately for him, I don't think she's too into younger men! Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves!

This morning Kendall had Orientation and Mobility at 8:30, then we rushed out for her to get 8 viles of blood drawn. We are now waiting on Speech therapy at 11:30, then after that we have to go get her ultrasound done on her leg at 2:30. So...another very busy day for Miss Kendall. Seizures were the worst they have ever been this morning...I lost count after 28 spasms. ugh. Hope you all have a great week!


Cjengo said...

ack! I just posted a long comment and it's gone!!! I was saying how great it was to meet you guys too. I am going to blog more on our little ones tomorrow. I have been way busy at work today, and have so much to say about the two little ones. You guys are just so nice, and we need to hang out more often. I just loved you guys. Also, tell Kamden that Emily's problem is she thinks she is 18 vs 10! ha

Heather said...

What a sweet picture and yes,friends who "get you", make all the difference.Sorry to see Kendall's seizures have been so much worse.I see Reagan's mom mentioned Dr.Shield's at UCLA,he is actually our doctor.He is a great man as well as a doctor.I hope you can begin a new game plan soon so the little darling can get some relief from these things.Loved the family pictures too ... your all so beautiful!