Sunday, August 23, 2009

Admitted to Hospital

Well, it happened. She had a seizure. A real doozie.

We gave her Clozanapam...the first time to administer a rescue med. It happened this morning. Justin was playing with her. I panicked. After crying in the closet for a good 10 minutes, I pulled it together and we checked her blood sugar. It was 305, so I called the Neurologist. They said to come in right away.

We've been admitted. She still has high blood sugar but seems to be doing well. We have a new Dr. now. An endocrinologist. Type I diabetes or II added to the list. It will be complex to control due to the Ketogenic diet. Neurology used to trump Ophthalmology, and Hematology. Now Endocrinology takes the cake.

We will be here for a minimum of 3 days. They are all looking into finding an underlying cause again. We will be seeing a Metabolic Geneticist. (we have a regular geneticist and have already had a ton of metabolic tests done.) They are now on a new search for a reason.

Mitochondrial Disease was mentioned...not good.

Please keep us in your prayers. Oh, and Kamden too, as Justin will be responsible for initiating his first week of 3rd grade. (most of you moms know that week is a bit chaotic at home!!)

Here we go again.


MeghatronsMom said...

Man, that stinks! She was doing so well. I am sorry for one more diagnosis, two more specialists, 3 days in hospital- geez, I am sounding like the 12 days of special needs. Prayers going up immediately.

Liz said...

I am so so sorry. I haven't commented much but I have been so encouraged by her seizure freedom on the diet. I am so sorry that blood sugar is a problem now. I hope that they can find a way to treat the diabetes that works with the diet for Kendall.

I just want you to know I've been following your story and cheering her on quietly. I will pray for her now.

Janis said...

How scary! I hope its not Mito, but I understand how finding an answer is the important thing. ((HUGS))