Sunday, August 30, 2009


We made it home around 3 yesterday. It took a while to unpack all our new equipment, but I did and feel pretty organized now.

Yesterday morning early Kendall's blood sugar dropped pretty low. We were forced to give her Apple Juice (not an easy task since she wasn't eating well) After the same scare twice, we changed her Lantus back down to one unit. When we came home my head was spinning.

Kendall's demeanor immediately changed when we arrived home. She drank a whole bottle and went back to sleep. She's been fussy, but nothing like in the hospital. We've seen some smiles and improved head control.

I have myself so worked up that I can't leave Kendall for a minute without watching her. That seizure traumatized me. I'm terrified that if I'm not watching her and find her unconscious, I won't know if its a blood sugar thing or a seizure thing. Do I administer the Diastat, or the Glucogon? Will I be able to keep calm long enough to figure it out? Let's pray so.

We had a delightful nurse come by our house and do our evaluation. I'm still waiting to find out how many extra nursing hours we will be able to get. Right now they pay for 3 visits a week. There is a possibility we can get up to 70 Respite Nursing hours a week since Kendall can't go to Daycare, etc... And while I think this nurse could potentially be great, it would take me a long time to trust anyone. But it would be nice to be able to leave her with someone who is qualified to deal with all her medical stuff while I go to the grocery store, do stuff with Kamden, have a date with my husband, or go running. I'm not convinced I would be OK leaving it up to someone else to work with her and be responsible for all her therapies, etc, but the extra help would be great.

Today it seems like Kendall and I are in recovery mode. I am physically and emotionally spent. I think she is too. So, we will rest today and try to get back to normal tomorrow. Speaking of normal...the nurse last night told me "the only thing that's normal is the setting on the dryer."

Thanks again for all your prayers and support. Every time I check my phone or get on the computer, I am reminded how lucky I am. My family and friends are the best.


Anonymous said...

And it is no coincidence that you are among a group of the best.

More prayers answered and still praying.

The nursing hours are a good thing, and I encourage you to take it as it comes instead of anticipating what will happen with the nurse(s).

I work in homes where children have full-time nursing care. In some, the parent takes to freedom every second the nurse is there. In some, the nurse has a constant companion in the parent. Or vice versa.

I think a lot boils down to personalities.

You can be hopeful for a happy medium where you will quickly form trust of a nurse and use some of the time she is with Kendall for all those other things. Barbara

Karen Owens said...

So glad you're home.

Hang in there.

Heather said...

Welcome home.Take a breath and just be still with each other.If just for today.Tomorrow always has a way of taking care of itself.Prayers for all of you as you continue to find your way.

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Oh Girl what a time you are having but thankfully you have a handle on it.
I do know where you are coming from Finnian had his nurse for almost 2 months before I left him with her for more than running around the corner. That is a running joke with us now but it was a blessing for him to get nursing services.
Hope its smooth sailing from now on and yes the upset in her sugars more than likley brought on the seizures. Heavy rain storms does it for us.
Love and hugs from the Cats in the Bronx

Éimí (Amy in Gaelic) said...

I'm so glad to hear that y'all were able to come home. It will do you all good to be in your own space. I think about you and your family, and your beautiful little girl often, and pray for nothing but the best for y'all. I have faith that God has a plan for y'all and that it will work out just the way it's supposed to. *hugs* Blessings, and Hope, always!

Dawson said...

Glad your home. Anyplace is better than the hospital. Praying that Kendalls b/s will level out. I can't imagine dealing with what is on your plate right now.

Here it you need us. We have tons of Type I Diabetic knowdledge. In the meantime know well be praying

Renee' said...

I have read your blog and prayed for you guys for many month I just never comment. I have faith in you that if God forbid, you had and emergency situation arise that you would know exactly what to do.I to use to worry about this when I was training to be a paramedic and I can tell you that it just some how kicks in and you know what to do. I know that is not like having to treat my daughter but I have faith that God will guide you through and you will just know what to do. I am so glad you guys are home. Kendall is so beautiful and is such a remarkable baby girl. Your such a great mother and you should be so proud of all you do. God blessed you with Kendall but he also blessed Kendall with a Mother he knew could take care of her and love her like you do. I am continuing to pray for you all God Bless and Keep you all.