Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lesson Learned

Um, so the picture above is now positioned nicely across the street in front of our house. On BOTH sides of the curve in the road so as not to be missed!

If I were driving down a road and saw that sign, I would more than likely look at the sign instead of the road. I would also wonder what the heck it means! Do you know what it means? Probably not.

Let me explain.

Rewind several years ago when Justin and I bought our house. It was exactly what we wanted. We knew instantly it needed to be ours when I saw it online. I drove past it the next day, perplexed because there was no sign in the yard (apparently the owner didn't want anyone to know he was leaving town...) I immediately decided I didn't like it when I saw that it was behind an old school on the curve of a road. There was an old field house directly in front of it. I scratched it off our list. My brother in law insisted we take a look at it...and when we went inside we loved it. Its a large lot positioned so that we have privacy on all sides (much different from the house Kam and I lived in!) Most of our windows have great views of big trees and our backyard. Our front two windows are my office and formal dining room. I figured we could just close the blinds to the front of our house if we didn't want to view the soon-to-be construction zone of yet another new school in our town. So we bought it for a fair price.

The past year and a half they have completely torn down the field house, built an enormous school, and created a huge track/athletic center/shot put/whatever else center! We suffered through the dust and grime awaiting the beautiful new fence giving us a nice view of a pretty grassy area...Then, despite much push back from our neighborhood association they made an entrance to the school on our street. Since we live on a curve, and the speed limit is 30, cars FLY past. (teenagers mostly...whom I yell at regularly.)

So as a last ditch effort to get the speed limit lowered and a school zone placed (they didn't want to do it because technically the entrance is only a fire entrance and people are not to drive through! yeah, right) So I called the city. I got the same old song and dance about not lowering speed limits, etc. Then I did it. I shamelessly played the "Special Needs" card. I said I have a daughter with special needs, who uses a wheelchair, and while she's never playing in the front yard alone, you never know. That sure shut them up (or so I thought) They immediately assured me they would place a sign that would suggest children at play and a 20mph speed limit all the time.

Little did I know it was going to be accompanied by two huge yellow bubble-but signs that mean nothing to passers by.

Like I said...lesson learned.
My little "bubble butt" is doing well. She's still seizure free. She had a rough day yesterday eating, but today she did much better. I had to make her stop eating the egg nog ice cream this afternoon. Boy, was she not happy. Like mother like daughter. I don't like when ice cream's gone either!


Karen Owens said...

Oh my God -- I've never heard it called "bubble butt" -- you totally just made my day :)

Lorrie said...

Great story! When I was at the school on Monday I thought "hmmm...Jocie's gonna love living there when Kam goes to this school"...I'm kinda jealous!

Cjengo said...

Serious, I am in tears laughing. I know I shouldn't be but that is SO something that would happen to me. It's like a beacon for special needs. Well at least they care, and got you taken care of. The bubble butt thing was what got me!!