Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Glucose Question

Do any of you moms out there who have experience with the Ketogenic Diet know anything about HIGH glucose levels?

Kendall was extremely lethargic today (is our 6th week on the diet, so we now only check glucose when she looks like something could be wrong.) I checked it a while ago fully expecting it to be low, but instead it was 260! Justin and I checked with the same glucometer our own and we were normal, I repeated this on three different ones and hers was consistently way above 200.

I called the Dr, and the one on call said he would make a note to our Dr to check it in a blood test tomorrow. He didn't seem too concerned stating thats not usually a concern with Keto kids.

In an effort to not sit around wondering and worrying all night, I thought I'd reach out to you all ask for any knowledge you may have on it being HIGH. Really high!



Bronx Cataldo's said...

did you check her Ketone levels? We check the urine for the ketones and when Finny is "funny" I check his blood sugar sometimes his sugars are low or sometimes his ketones are very huge and then we give apple juice. I would give her extra fluids to flush the sugars out only water or even diet crystle light. Contact the dietician and see if something needs to be tweaked. The biggest slip ups I have found are ice pops and ice cream oh and jello. Let us know how she is doing?

Caroline said...

Sorry, no idea about the ketogenic, i'm just learning about it still. It's great to see what a success it has been for Kendall!

Just popping by to say hello and send our love. I have been following, but am mostly (due to summer hols) blogging from my phone, and for some reason can't post comments.
Lots of love from me and Hope

Reagan Leigh said...

Not sure about glucose. They only checked that while we were in the home we only did the urine ketones. I know it's a lot more scary when you're seeing such improvement seizurewise, you don't want to do anything to compromise that. Hang in're doing great! And if you haven't already look on the Charlie foundation forum for answers about the keto diet!