Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home today. The flight was great, but security leaving Florida was a beating. The security guard wanding Kendall asked me "what's wrong with her?" I said "I'm sorry?" and she replied..."did she have an accident or something?" I was like, oh, no, did she have another diaper blowout...that would be just our luck right before we got on the plane! But, no, this security worker simply wanted to know why Kendall looked like she was sleeping, was in full extension, and strapped in a chair! (gosh, I almost forgot I had a special needs child...thankfully she was there to remind me) I could have taken this opportunity to enlighten her on childhood strokes, cataracts, seizures, etc...but I decided to ignore her. Technically, I was still on vacation.
It did take me a few days of sitting on the beach watching the children her age run and play to stop feeling sorry for myself. It still wears on my nerves when others make comments about how tired she is. She's awake people. Good gosh, her freaking eyes look 4 times their size in her glasses, can't you see that??!?!?! And if my child was asleep, do you think I would be dragging her around trying to take her picture, get her in the pool or the ocean? Probably not. She's awake. Oh, and when her mouth is opening and closing and she's turning her head over and over to the side, she's not yawning! And people should also teach their kids not to stare. Its annoying too. Fortunately to make up for the ignorant people, there are those who comment on her cute clothes, gorgeous lips, or just smile at us! And there was also the nice man on the plane who went out of his way to ask if he could help us unload. (my guess is those people are either a relative or friend of a child with special needs, a therapist, or a pastor!) OK OK OK...enough loathing in my self I'm still a little bitter.

Anyway, we're happy to be home. The vacation was wonderful and relaxing, but its nice to be home with familiar surroundings and equipment! Unfortunately, I was slapped in the face when I walked in my office to an absolutely insane calendar next week. Seriously, there isn't enough time in the day. I'm still working on finding a nanny for Kendall during the day, and before we left, I was in the throws of switching pretty much every therapist we have and adding additional therapy each week. Currently Kendall gets about 6-7 hours of therapy every week, but it looks like that may be stepped up to 8-10. Wish me luck.
Kendall is finishing up day #13 being seizure free. It still seems like a dream. Her eyes are already straightening out. She's rolling consistently from her tummy to back, and we are elated. Keep the prayers coming!


Rhea said...

I'm glad that you had a restful vacation. I understand about the looks. It's annoying. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to talk to anyone in public or let alone anyone talk to me. I love the pictures! I'm glad to hear about Kendall being seizure free! That's awesome news!

Reagan Leigh said...

Ah yes, the "oh she's so sleepy" comments! Gotta love them. I love the first picture of her! She looks absolutely adorable and so happy!

MeghatronsMom said...

Hurray for a good vacation!

The people who stare & ask ignorant questions- oy vay! I too often ignore them unless I am in the mood to have her be the poster child for her special needs.

Sorry work is hectic to come back to!

Deb said...

How cool you got to take a "family" is always so difficult and questionable for us to go anywhere outside of home with the loads of meds/needs for our kiddo, so kudos to you!

Hudson gets the "ohhh, he is so sleepy" ALL the time...yep, that's what seizures, drugs, etc. do to these kids, and I too get so tired of the comments. I smile, nod and turn him away as fast as possible!!!

Lastly, praise God for Kendall's seizure freedom...this is wonderful news!

Deb & Hudson

Janis @ SneakPeek said...

Glad you are home! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to avoid people who are rude & just don't get it. We need to rule the world so we can get rid of them!!

Lorrie said...

Love the 2 pictures of the kids with your Dad. He's so much fun and the kids look like they are having a blast! I'm glad you made it home and even happier about Kendall being seizure free! Yay Kendall!!!


Cjengo said...

We get the sleepy comments all the time, in fact he even got them at the hospital yesterday. TO top that off the x ray tech comes in and throws his bed up saying he needs to sit up for the x ray. Um honey he can't!!!!!