Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Night

Kendall did better today. We should be going home tomorrow. Our Endo. said he is fine sending us home not 100% because he believes its easier to get better at home. I love him. He is a great Dr.

Speaking of great Dr.'s...this week at Cooks we have met plenty. Our stay was as good as it could have been given our circumstances. The nurses both during the day and through the night have been great. (and trust me, I'm the first to say when they aren't.) Even the NP who I haven't exactly gotten along with in the past went above and beyond today. She actually hugged both Justin and I when she left this evening and told us to hang in there and that we were doing a great job. So I guess I have to give her a second chance too!

While there were good Dr's there was one who left me completely dumb-founded. She was the pediatrician (I guess) on staff at the hospital. She was young and nice enough, but she recommended Justin and I take Kendall to a Palliative Care Dr. (in case you don't know what that is, its like a Hospice Dr...yeah.) I just kind of looked at her as the blood rushed away from my head and calmly said "uh, yeah, I know what it is, and um, no." We are so not there yet. At all. And while her intentions were good I'm sure, I felt like punching her. So, no, we will not be adding a Palliative Care Dr. to our list. I don't have time for any more appointments anyway!!!!

The Home Health agency will be meeting us at our home tomorrow (assuming we get to go home tomorrow.) I have loads of things to do and I'm sure the day will be stressful, but we'll figure it out.

Oh, and also, I have to say that my husband is an amazing man. Even though he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night or the morning as well as I do, he's the best. He has taken this whole week in stride. Remaining calm and as always the voice of reason. He's holding our precious baby girl in the rocker right now and she seems pretty content (knock on wood) Kendall is lucky to have such a loving, devoted father who stands strong even amidst the toughest situations. He's made up the best songs and read Dr. Seuss books to her at least a hundred times this week.

We are blessed.


Anonymous said...

She's lucky to have BOTH of you!!

Reagan Leigh said...

So happy to hear things went better today. And to possibly be going home tomorrow...that's even better news! Sounds like Kendall has a great team surrounding her...Mommy and Daddy included. Continued prayers for your little one!

Éimí (Amy in Gaelic) said...

I'm continuing my prayers for your family and little blessing, and am very happy to hear of the possibility of y'all being able to go home tomorrow...good luck! *hugs*, prayers, and blessings

Heather said...

You are all lucky to have one another.Home tomorrow sounds amazing and we will say our prayers that happens.You have one strong little girl there and she will find her way.Ignore the ignorant is my motto.Focus on the here and now and let the rest fall to the way side.Prayers coming in abundance from California.

Kara said...

I am so glad to be able to read your blog...thank you for sharing your life. What an amazing family!

Caroline said...

So pleased u r getting to go home. I'm sure she'll b much happier

Dawson said...

Im just now getting caught back up on your blog. I can't believe the events that have taken place over the last few post. I had to go back and read very slowly all the events just to grasp it all. I am so sorry for what you are having to deal with.

Coming from a father of a Kiddo with I.S. and a 7 year old with Type I diabeties I can halfway understand what your going through and just wanted you to know that well be praying for you guys.

You guys have a lot on your plate right now and your so lucky to have each other. Hang in there

therextras said...

Well, some of my prayers have been answered - will continue with some more, including some of thanksgiving.

The benefit of mentioning p-care is the realization and affirmation that she does not need it.

Your husband married a wonderful woman.


Ginger said...

I have some connection with the Orthopedic team at Cooks and from what I know about Cooks, they are amazing. You are in great hands, and I hope that is comforting. Your keen sense of good and bad are the best thing going for you and you're an awesome mom. Keep up the awesome work and kudos to Justin. I am thinking of you and home sweet home.