Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Post From the Hospital

We're still plugging along. Since we were moved to the room getting what we need in a timely manner has become impossible. I understand the pace of things in the hospital, but I also believe a lot of that depends on your nurse and their load.

I do not think there is any excuse for Kendall not getting her ketogenic diet food. I'm so sick of having to ask for the same thing over and over again. The patient advocate is talking to the social worker who will be setting up a care conference on Monday. I think that is past due.

Like I said before, this floor sucks. We want to go back to the epilepsy floor. Those nurses are super sweet and on the ball. They have even come by just to check on Kendall. I just don't mesh with the nurse we've had here the past few days. All she's good for is going to the fridge to get our food(that I weigh out). I'm giving all the shots and feeds, baths and gbutton cleanings.And her decision to roll her eyes at me was a bad move.When I told her the IV was blown and I turned off the machine because it was infiltrating and it needed to be taken out she decided to flush it and argue with me.Her arm looked like Popeye and The freaking thing was leaking blood and antibiotic all over the place. Now I only talk to the charge nurse!!

But we're still here and will be for a while. They are still tweaking the insulin and monitoring her hydration. I want to be home but what do you do?

Believe it or nor we are very happy to be here. I'm thankful for our decision a while back to keep everything at Cooks. I can't imagine having each Dr or therapist at a different hospital. Having a group that works as a team definitely makes a crisis like these past few weeks easier to manage. It would have been way worse otherwise.


April said...

I'm so sorry you are in the hospital! Hope things get better soon!

Caroline said...

Omg for that nasty nurse!!! Hope you are all home and well
very soon (((()))

Jessica said...

I will come down there and punch that nasty nurse in the just say the words and I'll be on my way!! Shame on her. I'm sorry you are dealing with all that ON TOP of your baby being in the hospital. I love you guys!!

Karen Owens said...

Oh I just cringe reading this update -- I so know the feeling of being on a floor or unit that does not know your child. It is the worst!!!!!!

We are lucky to always be on the same wonderful unit who is like our family but there have been a few times I just want to kick some nurse butt!

Praying that you all get out of there soon and they can get things under control for Miss. Kendall.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be coping remarkably well with an untenable situation. Hoping you can feel the support left by those here and many more I'm sure. I am praying for Kendall and her family daily. Barbara

amy melton said...

our 4 month old may be having seizures and i was googling that when i found this site. just wanted to say i'm praying for your family and your precious little treasure, Kendall.