Friday, October 30, 2009

PJ Party!

Kam and Kendall slept with me last night. Justin's hunting in Kamden's been helping a lot with Kendall. I wanted to take yet another picture of how good he is with her. While I was snapping some pictures, I noticed how big Kendall is getting. I mean big. Since she's been getting all her calories everyday she's bulking up. I always thought chubby babies were cute...but now I'm concerned she's getting a little too chunky for her own good. She fills out 2T clothes great and she is so tall (takes after Daddy!) But at what point will she need to have a reduction in calories (guess that's a question for the dietitians.) The last thing we need is to hinder her movement because she's gained too much weight. Ho hum. Guess be careful what you wish for!
Also, I can't get the rest of the sticky stuff off her neck from the line they put in last week. Any suggestions?!


Karen Owens said...

Baby Oil... Just soak a cotton ball in it and let it just sit on the sticky stuff. It should come off pretty easy after that.

They do make adhesive remover but it is so not worth the stinky smell.

That's what we do with Gavi - though if you were to look at him now he has sticky stuff plastered all over his little body from month ago -- oops.

Pick your battles. :)

Cjengo said...

I was going to say baby oil ;). We used rubbing alcohol on Jude's hand, but there was no open sore or anything. They are very cute togther!!!

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Baby oil, or any oil based product even vaseline will take it off. Alcohol pads aslong a you stay away form ther the needle was put in. Baby powder will stick on to the sticky and it can be slowely and carefully wiped off.

Heather said...

Well,before I even read the others,my first response ... baby oil!Love the PJ party picture.Super sweet those two.Loved the pumpkin patch pictures too.Hoping you all are finding your way.