Friday, October 9, 2009


Kendall and Jussy are on their way home. She had an IV and a urinalysis done. She also had a renal sonogram to look for kidney stones. Everything came back normal...well, except the blood in the urine. I don't get it. They are heading home without any answers. Her bladder looks fine, it was full.

I have a living room full of sleepy 3rd grade boys. The party was a success and I pray they all fall asleep soon. Two are already sawing logs, hopefully the other 6 will follow.

Thanks for the prayers.


Jessica said...

Wish you had some answers but at least they are comming home!! Can't wait to hear how the party went....we've had several of Tyler's basketball, soccer, baseball teammates sleep over before and we are always amazed at how well they all behave!!!! You just expect chaos with that many kiddo's but they have always suprised us, lol!!!

Jessica said...

at least they got to come home. That's what my fingers were suppose to type!!!